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Hello there & thank you for your interest in Anakrasra, one of the oldest guilds in Runes of Magic 😀

We are an active and fun loving guild inside Runes of Magic, located on the Vidar international server. Our members are nice and mature people, friendly and always willing to help out (if their own agenda allows, ofc..) Here everybody can play the game in his own style – we have a lot of regular pro players in our ranks, just as many slackers as well and even some couples.

Ranks don’t mean much in our guild, you will define your position in guild only by relations to the guild and its members.

To make it short – Anakrasra welcomes every honest friendly person and the only important skill required is the social one.

We do a lot of instances and would never deny a member to join the run as soon as we have a free spot. Most people with us are free2play and can’t play 24/7 so not all guildies are endgamers of course. Instead we are one of the few guilds on the server that can even in smaller party master the tactical inis in hard mode – like Temple of Seven Heroes and Kulech Bone Nest – but we also do ST and TOS runs etc as well…

On most days in the evening we defend our lvl 15 guildcastle (Acad X, Stable IX, Bufftowers VIII etc.) in siegewar as well and your participation would be very welcome.

You can bring your alt as well, we don’t have big restrictions on alt policy. And in case you got a whole army of twinks you can park them in our alt-guild as well.

All classes and levels are welcome with us and ofc like all guilds we lack support, tanks and healers most atm.

If you like what you see – why don’t you join us? Our only conditions are that you are cool and want to have a great time, so come and meet new friends! Just shout in game for a member of Anakrasra or send a mail ingame to Searius.

HF & hope to cya soon 🙂 

Feel free to join us on our Facebook page –

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