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How to post here

As you can see, the website is much more than just a forum, its a place where you can publish almost anything that you like.

Forum Topics are manged directly at their places respectively, so just open the forum of your choice, acroll down and find Create New Topic


maybe you want your buddies to see a video of your latest victory? Write a nice guide that has pix in it or a vid myb? Dont put in just a link, but show it here, where it belongs. How? It’s very easy:

As soon as you are registered as an author and logged in on the site you should see a (small) black menu on top of your screen.


The first item post to some wordpress links (including documentation) but its the second item and forth item where things become interesting: go to Anakrasra and you will see the Dashboard (which is an authors general landing page) or go to New to start rightaway with writing a post or uploading media. (The other menu items are of lesser interest for this post but you should make sure the check the right side of that menu as you will find the personal options there and more.)


The dashboard looks like this, if gives you an overview  on the stuff you can do

  • create posts (=articles),
  • manage media
  • manage comments
  • start a poll
  • manage your profile.

Should not be hard to get their respective meanings – Feel free to experiment, you can hardly break stuff 🙂

When you click on Posts  you will see an overview of all posts here, including some info about them.You can edit your own ones and view the others ofc.

The stars on the right side make them prominent (‘sticky’) in the top slideshow ( Showcase ) or in the bottom one ( PromotionBar )

If you edit an existing or a new post, you will get the very powerful editor on screen:


In the first line you have to give the post a title, its the headline that will appear in menus, list etc. The writing is done in the black editor field which is WYSIWIG if you are in visual mode (see tabs on upper right side). Text mode would allow you to enter html, even some code. You can see the menu which works quite like any wordprocessor and the main formatting toolbar. The 3rd /lower toolbar can be made visible by clicking the small toolbox icon left of Styles dropdown. Again you can hardly break anything so jsut tr ythings out a bit.

on the right side you find several white boxes. The first one Format is used to assign special page formats to your page, usually you just leve the mark on Standard. After you have entered your content, it’s making sense to add categories, do that in the checkbox rectangle below. If you want your post to appear in a menu category (like Guides ). Also be sure to add the right tags to your post, so they can be found easier. Finally you can add a featured image, this will show up in lists, excerpts or anything that shows an image with the posts title (like the slideshows i.e.)

Thats about it…

 Now it’s your turn!!

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