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Dirty statting guide for new players – Updated – Now with video guide!

Somebody called Mordox wrote this long time ago while I was still in Darkzone (*waves to all that can rem…) and so Ive just reedited this a bit – comment on any improvements possible
He said:


You’re reading my guide on how to dirty stat items or as some would say ‘improve your gear with little cost’ 🙂
First of all I would advise you to install the addon called Advanced Auctionhouse, as you will need it to find items on AH, you can download it at – make sure you search amongst the RoM addons as that site has many addons for different games.

So let’s get right to it!

There are some simple rules to statting:

  1. Stats are defined by their names, not the attribute values they give, so if 2 stats give the exact same bonuses, let’s say 10 stamina, but one is called Stamina, the other is called Physique followed by their rank number (on the right side of the item) they are different stats, so look at the names and not the values! (also, yellow stats give double values, orange ones give triple)
  2. An item cannot have more than one stat of the exact same type and rank (you cannot have 2x Stamina II on an item, but you can have Stamina I and Stamina II aswell) – if the exact same stat occurs more than once they cancel out each-other and it only gets added a single time – this is the rule we are going to ‘exploit’ in dirty statting.
  3. An item can have up to a maximum of 6 stats on it, if there are more than 6 stats in the arcane transmutor the 6 lowest ones will get chosen. To find out about the stat ratings
  4. You need 1 fusion stone and 1 item to make a mana stone, and you need 3 mana stones to stat an item with the stats that are  embedded in these stones!
    … and there are some others that don’t concern us.. yet!

So in order to begin, first we need an ITEM to stat.
Below level 55 (when you can get purple instance drops) the best base item to start with is a WHITE or GREEN and it should be UNBOUND (not bound, can be sold after you don’t use it anymore), CLEAN (has no stats on it, that means we can put 6 on it) and HD (high durability, durability above 102 with the green text in the corner saying power modifier +20%)

[See video for explanation if needed, old pix have drowned in the net]

Okay, after we got our item, now we need fusion stones 3 of them to be exact since (rule 4) you need 3 mana stones to stat the item you now have.

[These stones are hard to find as a set, so first you should always ask in Guild for ready made sets. Some people (like me!) sort out fusion stones that fit the purpose and collect them.]
[See video for explanation if needed, old pix have drowned in the net]

Here is how we search for fusion stones using advanced auctionhouse, notice the red filter area, I directly typed in the 3 stats I want on my fusion stones,
(if you want to stat using 2 or 1 stat fusion stones, you can type in the stat{s} you want and add $two or $one in any of the other boxes.)

[IMHO its much simpler to find a set of fusion stones with 2 stats on them, also the you can use 4 outside stats with them, meaning one of those can be from an item with a double stat on them. If you choose ur outside stats well you can already build quite powerful gear that should get you quite far. Also, using only 3 fusion stones with just 1 identical stat on them (like the most common STA-I), you fuse the resulting 4 stats with seemingly unstattable items like the Vahtos set.
Mordox explains in the following with stones that got 3 stats on them but the same rules apply ofc to all kind of ways to do that.]

We are going to exploit rule 2, so we need three fusion stones with EXACTLY the same stats on them, that way we have room for 3 other stats that are of higher level (rule 3).

[See video for explanation if needed, old pix have drowned in the net]

Now that we have 3 identical fusion stones, we need 3 dummy HIGH LEVEL items that have a GOOD stat on them to create mana stones with.
Note that now we want the 3 stats to be DIFFERENT, useful stats so they don’t cancel out each-other like the fusion stones
A common way is to search for either Association jewelry stats or bay jewelry stats since those are cheap and decent for low levels. I’ll ge using association stats so here’s what I type into AH (notice the red area I set a maximum price so I don’t see all the overpriced stuff)
So buy 3 different ones from the list that are useful for your character

[As always ask in guild first for getting you not used items for free or a low price at least. Also please note that the shown items for outside stats are *very* outdated 🙂 The items of today which are used for dirty statting give T5 stats at least or even T6 if u want. All manastones have to be of the same level so be careful not to mix them the wrong way !!]
[See video for explanation if needed, old pix have drowned in the net]


Okay now we got everything we need, here are the required items in my bags (3 identical fusion stones, 3 different high level items with stats, clean hd white leather pants):

[See video for explanation if needed, old pix have drowned in the net]


Now here comes the magic… first we make a MANA STONE from each pair of FUSION STONE + ITEM.
open the arcane transmutor and pull one fusion stone and one high level item into it at a time, check the preview and if it looks good, hit the button

[See video for explanation if needed, old pix have drowned in the net]


Once you got all 3 mana stones, drag the clean HD item you want to stat AND all 3 mana stones you made into the AT and if you’re happy with the result hit the button!… (ALWAYS CHECK PREVIEW FIRST)

[See video for explanation if needed, old pix have drowned in the net]


So notice the red colored areas on my image.. those stats are exactly the same so they will only appear ONCE on the finished item. This way there is room on the item for the 3 GOOD stats we added.

Well that’s about it.. hope all you new people got it now and will starting to make your own imba items 🙂

Happy gaming and cheers to all


P.S: The AT is like a big bowl.. everything you put in it will have it’s stats fall off into that bowl.. get mixed up.. then reordered based on the internal rank and the 6 lucky lowest will be chosen to be on your final item 🙂

And here’s the video (with thanks to Bill for the find^^), enjoy & GL – Unni

3 thoughts on “Dirty statting guide for new players – Updated – Now with video guide!

  1. unniversal says:

    Great man, really nice 🙂
    something to add – if you use items with green stats valued XIII or XIV (like stamina XIII) or yellow stats valued VIII or IX (like in the pic) you will already get dirty T4 stones instead of T3 from lower lvl gear. Use 3 of those and your gear will be raised to T4 as well. The cheaper green statted items can be found in AH as well, easiest way is to limit your gear search to lvl 65-72 items and enter “XIII” “or” “XIV” into the filter section.
    This is a good way to make a bit of money, too, dirty statted lvl 45-53 gear sells quite well, if its got the right stats combined.
    Tx for your huge effort…!!!

  2. Bill says:

    I thought it answered a few questions, I was a bit bemused by it all at first and have made some boobys — but with this to remind me it’s fine although I have also bought tier 6 mana stones………… but at a price……. basically for my Rogue assassin outfit……..  which will take forever lol

  3. Bill says:

    OH!! BTW – for some reason curse won’t work for me



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