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[Guide] How to do the Level 50 elite skills the old way

Another usefull post from the old american forum, posted by: Blah7


This is the complete guide on obtaining your level 50/50 Elite Skills via the old-fashioned way. Be warned that this really takes a long time to acchieve, so you might want to think about getting the elite skill via Old Bags in Heffner. Actually be really really earnestly warned 😀

To start the quest you need to have both your classes at level 50 and have all the other previous Elite skills up to lvl 45.

When you have this go to the Class Hall in Varanas and talk to Sigg Fletcher. He will send you to Central Plaza to talk to some Eye of Wisdom members. Find those on the stairs of the entrance to the Auction House.

This will start your quests!


Arkana’s Fearlessness:

Infernal Blackhorn x3 – These are dropped by Blackhorn Trotters and Silencers as well as Blackhorn Dorglas from Paspers Shrine (BB)

Premature Soul Death x 2 – Dropped by Krodamar and Krodamon the last two bosses in Necropolis of Mirrors. These are not a 100% drop rate.


Arkana’s Ambition:

You will need to head to Ystra Labyrinth for this quest and get a Frost Energy from Frost Energy Guardians as well as a Flame Core from Flame Rune Knight.

Take the Flame core to Mystic Alter to the Evil Ice Spirits (Where you get the holy water) use the Flame core on the mob when its HP is below 50% to receive . Evil Spirit Cry

Take the Frost Energy to the level 50 Ice Dwarf Instance to Thynos the last boss. Once again use the item when the mob is below 50% to receive Fire Attack.


Arkana’s Memory:

You will need to kill Talomo in Treasure Trove, Hafiz in Paspers Shrine, and Ensia in Kalin.
Note: The items off these bosses are not a 100% drop.


Arkana’s Wisdom:
Ice Frgment x1 – Dropped off of Evil Ice Witches in the Winternight valley aswell as Aisha.
Note: The drop is rare off of the Witches but seems to be 100% off Aisha (not confirmed)

Rune Drop x10 – Dropped off any mob that has the word “Rune” in their name in Kalin Shrine.


Arkana’s Toughness:
Cactus Needle x1 – Dropped off any Cactus boss on Cactus Hill.

Hair of Raichika the Destroyer – Dropped off Raichika the Destroyer the boss mob in the back of Royals Refuge in Ystra Labyrinth.
Note: Not a 100% drop rate.


Rune Energy Infuser:
Talk to D’Monk Jarfur in Central Plaze to obtain a Rune Energy Extractor. You need to keep this item for 15 days when the time is up it will turn into a Rune Energy Infuser.
Talk to Noab Lucerne and you can buy a Rune Energy Extractor for 500 Phirius Token with a 10day countdown.


Arkana’s Soul:
(Class dependent task)

Priest – Go to the Big Dig in Dust Devil Canyon and find Horatio Gerter. When you talk to him he will spawn a level 50 mob, kill it to complete the quest.

Scout – In Silverspring near Ravenfell find Charly Morph. He will spawn a lvl 50 mob, kill it to complete the quest.

Knight – Go to Sacilia by the Zurhidon camp; aggro 10 mobs and pull them to a guy who will kill them for you. – (ty sniperbob613)

Warrior – Go to Ravenfell, at the lake in Ghost town; talk to the incarnation of Iron Rune Warrior, and kill him.
Note: He has magic damage immunity, and there will be Cavies with magic immunity who run up to him. If they get to him they will heal him. They will all drop regeneration sigils so you should never be at a loss for hp. – (ty sniperbob613)

– Enter missing classes here –


Whenever you have received one of these quest items you can take them to Ivora Kaminsky in the Class Hall. She will show you what she got already and what she’s still missing. Once you have all 7 pieces completely delivered she will give you the Arkana on the class you completed.

You will then need to go and obtain all 7 pieces again but for your sub-class.

This means you need to do everything twice. You can not obtain your elite skill without obtaining both sides of Arkana.

I hope this guide will help out some people! Thanks!

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