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Instance Prequests

Inferiority posted this useful info in the forum

Instances with pre-requisite:

  • Arcane Chamber of Sathkur (final chamber only)
    Complete Oddleg’s chain of quests that lead up to Blaine & Wild Blade – Ardise.
  • Mystic Altar
    You get a pop-up message on-screen at level 38 if you are questing in Ystra Highlands.
    If somewhere else, go speak with Shamar at Harf.
  • Ruins of the Ice-Dwarf Kingdom
    Jacob has the quest line that leads to killing Ayson.
  • Treasure Trove
    Although Kain gives the quest that opens up the instance, pinpointing the exact quest that starts the chain is complicated. I’d suggest just doing the whole zone! (There is a thread on the US forums about getting into TT, but I can’t find it now…)
  • Cyclops Lair
    At level 45, you’ll find new quest markers in the west part of Dragonfang Ridge, at Sergarth. Some of them lead you further west – these are not the prerequisites for CL. You need “Finding the Conspirator“.
  • Heart of the Ocean
    A big long chain that starts in the southern portion of Weeping Coast, possibly from the sample obtained from the pirate cave. Check Yrcanos’ Hidden Quest guide for more details on that.
  • Zurhidon Stronghold & Hall of the Demon Lord
    Kill Sharleedah, loot his documents, right-click the documents & then right-click everything else that explodes out of it.
    Or, do it the long way:

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