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Siegewar – A Basic Guide

im gonna start this guide to help especially low/mid players to understand what the Siege War is.

This is the SW: =)

First a little overview:

There are 6 towers on the map (Asachi, Hilot, Knin,…) and 2 Guild Crystals inside each guild castle. The point of the game is to conquer all or the majority of them, just like in other ‘capture the flag’ games, and ofc defend our towers against the oppenent (‘opo’).

There are 2 type of currencies in the SW:
– Crystals: they are produced by the towers and by special items called extractors, they will not appear in your inventory but just show up on your screen.
– Merrits: these are rewarded anytime you kill an opponent or a mob, anytime you cap ( aka conquer) a tower of the opponent (= click it and survive^^) or by extracting them from towers (=click them). These appear at a free slot in your inventory and can be traded.

Both are used to either buy usefull items at the throne inside the castle or at the guildbanners near each tower or to buy upgrades / buffs at the buildings in guild castle. If you are new to SW you will just have to give your collected merrits to whoever announces in guild chat that he will collect them.

The yellows zone on the maps rapresent the areas in which those yellow mobs (‘ballons’) are waiting to be slauthered. The yellow ballons around the guild castle are lv 50 and give 5 Merits, the ones in the mid region  are lv 98 atm and give 20 each kill.

Inside the Guild Castle there are buildings that can provide us numerous advantages for the current match. All building can grant something (upgrades or buffs)  if u can pay the fair cost in crystal/merits. Here’s a complete overwiew of the role of buildings in SW.


Who is Who is SW

Essentially every SW is a tune of 3 groups that each player can join according to his abillities:
– the front line team usually consists of high lvl chars and it pushes the enemy to the max. It is in charge of capping enemy towers and possibly break into the enemy castle to destroy their buildings and hopefully to end the game by capping their core crystal.
– the mid area players who boost the guild buffing process by sizing the most precious merits zone. They also work as guards (using the guild chat!) by patrolling back and forth.
– the home base farmers and chars who will sustain the guild by buffing the guild via castle building and by setting basic defence for the castle (=’Builder’).

All 3 groups are very important, if one note of the tune is silent, SW is prolly lost.

Two special roles are very important in every SW team: the Herald and the Builder.

The Builder collects merits from the Merrit farmers and he interacts with the buildings to get buffs or to buy siege weapons. Only one player is the builder, mainly because getting those buffs is really costy. As there acn be bought an individual buff to get a discount on Merrits required to buy all the other general buffs it makes sense that only a single player will spend merits to get the discout buff and become the lone Builder

The Herald is a special status granted by the core crystal to the first player who will “show” (not pay) to it 1k merits. The herald status adds an extra bar with special skills to this player which are extremely useful for the attacks of the front line team. After becoming Herald he will pass his Merrits to the Builder to do his job.


How to farm Merrits

Mainly 2 ways, both are good for low lvs char or afk ones:

Killing yellows mobs around castle

5 Merrits for each kill, and if more players are close to the mob the Merrits are splitted among them. All farmers should buy a buff at the Drill Ground named ‘Will of Honor’ to get an extra Merrits bonus for each dead Baloon. Note that the written description is wrong, this is a personal buff, so only the char who buys it will benefit from it

More stack of Will of Honor will grant a nice rewards for every mob kill. This buff cost 50 merits and crystal each upgrade.

To fasten and facilitate even players lower than lvl 50 that cant kill mobs it is possible to place on or more flame towers close to where ballons spawn and stay there: the flame towers will kill the mobs and all the players nearby will receive Merrits (and extra Merrits if they have Will of Honor buff^^)

Extracting from towers

By clicking on one of our home base towers you will start to continiously extract crystal and Merrits from them. Ofc there are buffs to help in this type of farming too: ‘Drill ground’s Battle Tactics Knowledge’ raises the ammount of Merrits you get with each extraction and ‘Accademy Refinement Technology’ decreases the time needed to extract them.

Both methods are good, and both have pro and con; extracting from towers require more merits to buff up and so the char will be productive for the guild only later, but once completly buffed he will produce huge ammount of merits. On the other side, kiling mobs its maybe less effective but faster expecially in the beginning when we need merits the most.

Anyway all players (ask or not) arre STRONGLY encouraged to install the ‘Guildsiege Quicktrade’ addon. Its small, active only in sw and it will autotrade Merrits. It is REALLY helpfull.


Crystal Extractors

One of the most important items in the sw are Crystals. Crystal Extractors are the core of our crystal production, without them we cant gain any buffs or traps.
They cost 100 merits and they are limited, you can purchase only 5 for each Processing factory we have. We have got 3 so we can have a total of 15 max.
Since they are so vital, its reasonable to put them in the safer place possibile: the room upper near or above the throne is a perfect place.

You can buy them, and click on them in the backpack to summon them. If u click later on them its possibile to upgrade to give them more HP.
There is NO need to do it. If enemy breaks till the inner part of our castle, he can kill them easely upgraded or not. So since the upgrade cost 50 merits and crystal is far better to save those merits for other things.

When we place extractors? This is the big matter. Top priority for any sw is collect 1k merits to get Herald. Second one is extractors.
But since its only time consuming running around to collect merits from all members at start, its simplier if front line and mid players will focus on merits for herald and farmer at castle will start collecting and placing few extractors.
Once the Herald is up, we have 1k merits free that the herald will pass to the builder to buy the remaining extractors.
Once the extractors are up, famers can go for their personal buff and builder for his own one and after for the guild ones.

15 extractors can be expensive at start, so i suggest to buy only 10 total after the herald, and to consider buying the rest in a second moment looking at crystal consumption in that particualr sw.



Lets talk about what kind of traps are available in the game.

The cheapers ones are from the guild banner at towers or in alternative from throne

Only the first 3 are usefull, and they cost 30 merits ea.

Face of treachery: stun the enemy; this is the most used one
Eye of true knwoledge: force enemy rogues in hide to show off and stun them. Rogues can solo cap a tower in hide, one of theese can save a tower.
Sea washing stone: interrupt enemy casting; this one is particulary good to prevent enemy herald to cast immunity or to silence healers if the enemy try to size our towers in group.

The traps towers can be purchased from the processing factories


They are not cheap expecially for crystal, the most important are:

Visaul illusion: conceal players, traps, buildings and npc from enemy sight; like rogues, wardens can solo cap a tower: they send their pet to pull away the guards from the towers and they conquer it. If our guards are hidden they cant order the pet to attack something they dont see.

Flame tower: deals a bit of dmg and if upgraded will cast fear on the enemy. Unless u are farming merits and you are using this tower to kill mobs, it is completly useless for defensive purpose if its not upgraded. It has 2 types of upgrade, one for the fear debuff(“Boiling point”) the other one for HP and extra dmg.
SInce traps are easely destroyed and merits are precious, just upgrade the boiling point choise.

Eletric tower: deals a bit of dmg and if upgraded will interrupt and slow the enemy. In this case both the upgrade are nice, one interrupt the other slow. Depends by the situation but first choise should be pick first. Eletric traps are a must to prevent enemy herals to cast tornado and break our gates.

Holy light tree: heals a bit players, its used only if we need to defence for long time some location and we lack healers

Heart of honor is not really used.


First basic defence trapping

After extracors are placed its important to set a basic line of defence for our home base towers and our gates:


The enemy herald can cast Tornado, a skill that can deals 80% dmg to our gates, 1 or 2 eletric tower can prevent it if they are upgraded. We are interested in interrupt the casting so in this case only the eletricity amplification upgrade is required, the slow effect is irrelevant to defending gates.
Extremly important is the location of the traps. Few combo classes can hit behind gates or in the balcony upon them. Place them not too close to the walls and not behind the gate like this:

Its possible to even hide them with a visual illusion to preven warden pet to target them, but this is a precaution to be set in a second moment when we have more resources.

Home base towers:

Like we said before 1 visual illusion and 1 eye of knowledge are enough to protect the point from warden and rogues willing to try to solo cap them

1 visual illusion(aka invi towers) is enough to hide them, no need for more of them close to the guards.

At the end after extractors we need 5 trap towers to defend our base zone:
2 visual illusion, 1 for ea home base tower
3 eketric traps, 1 for ea gate

Also 1 rogues trap at ea tower would be better since they are cheap, and place them very close to the invi one, this way a rogue approching cant see it, he will get stun and attacked by guards.


Tower trapping

Realistically the main purpose of trapping is not to kill or push away the enemy, but only to slow them. I can share only my experiences in trapping maybe more expert players can correct me or giving advice.

After the first invi tower to hide guards, the simplier way to traps towers is using the listtle traps from the guild banner. I show you few step about the trapping process, but keep in mind its a slow one since resources are limited.

If you have spare illu traps you can create 1 or 2 hidden set of traps

This deadly set need to be placed a bit far from the tower, not upon it. Enemy will rash for the main pillar but they will be continuosly stunned, silenced even if guards are pulled far away and they will waste time finding the traps.
If the deadly set are 2 even better:

Works with litle traps and hide few of them like in this case, if they can see them they will try to kill what they see and got stucked by the hidden ones:

Important tips:
– dont put them close ea others and dont put them mostly on the tower. An enemy with a strong aoe can kill them if they are too close. As u can notice there is only 1 stun traps in the center and the rest in big circle around it.
– ratio of small traps: 1-2 sea washing stone, 1-2 rogues traps, and the rest is pure stun traps. There is no reason to have 20 rogues traps and 10 stun traps.
If the trapping zone grows you can add rogues trap at the side of it, but face of treachery are the rulerz here.

Tower traps:

Flame towers (1st upgrade) and eletric towers (both upgrade) form a solid defence, same mantra as before: do not put them close to each other or too close to the pillar. Controll the land you have at disposal like the eletric one placed on the hill, but ofc a trap too much isolated is an easy target and a waste of resource.
If you are trapping home base towers i would suggest to not put them behind the pillar: first cause enemy should approch from the front, second cause the traps will aggro the little mobs and the guards will move to kill them.
I would raccomand to not use invi towers close to flame and eletric. Since they do ranged dmg once an enemy is spotted they attack and loose the hide status. Its clear in that case where they are. On the contrary little traps are not discovered unless you jump on them.

If you can, use little traps to defend our tower traps and to expand our defence line:


If the tower is guarded by only a players would be wise to install an holy tree:

This guy is the honor guard, it is summoned by the Herald only close to towers and its very strong:

Usually players avoid towers with honor guard, honor guard = massacre.
Nice idea is to hide it with an invi tower.
Evil idea is to hide only the honor guard and seeing only the normal guards, let them think the tower is unguarded ;)


Arsenal and siege weapon

I will introduce this argument cause even low lvs can help if we need to use siege weapons, obviosly they are build at arsenal, this building can be upgraded max 2 times, every times it allow to buy better version of the same weap.

There are 3 type of siege machine:

Rams: melee dmg, best choise to attack enemy gates
Catapult : ranged dmg, good to destroy traps at enemy tower and good also for gates and building
Ballista: do not buy this.

In the next picture the arsenal was upgraded once so there are 2 version of the same machine, the better ones are in the low position of the shop.

High lv machice can allow to accomodate more players inside. Thats very important, cause the more the players the more the skills machine are unlocked.
The first passenger is the driver, from the second to the 5th usefull skill are reserved for each passenger. Expeccially for rams, 2nd passenger get a skill to increase the dmg inflicted to the targed, while the 3rd can heal the ram itself.

The ram from the 2nd passenger perspective, mark of the destruction is the skill reseverd only to this player:

Offensive trapping and enemy buildings

Once the enemy gate is down the top priority is to defend the broken gate.

Its mandatory to trap it and keep it safe or the enemy can rebuild it in 20 sec. The principles are the same; invi towers to hide small ones and players guarding it, flame and eletric towers outside and inside to not let them approch:

An holy tree can save the situation too:

An additional invi tower to hide only players in the mid of the castle:

Sw are unpredictable, sometime you find even two idiots photobombing (love you guys =))

Inside the castle top priority is to destroy main buff buildings: stable first then forge, lumber yard


VoR Guide, part 1

This is mostly a guide we got in SS from US server thx to Blackminded. I will just edit a bit and present to you since i think everytime we went VoR we didnt explained carefully how the ini work.


Trash Mobs:

The only threats are the “Assasin of the Vale” monsters. They do an aoe stun, and an aoe damage skill. You can approach these by disable them (silence pull, blasting cyclone, co-ordinate multiple silences on different targets at same time, etc.).

If you struggle with certain groups of mobs, pulling them 1 by 1 or using instruments/cooldowns is advised. No shame in playing music to kill trash mobs.

B1: Lightquencher, Banebringer, Hopewrecker

This fight consists of 3 bosses, thus requiring 3 tanks, who alternate between 4 phases (phases are announced by messages on the screen every 35~ seconds). After killing any of the bosses, you have 30s to kill the remaining 2 or the first guy resapwns with a 5% stacking stat buff. You want to bring all 3 bosses hp low (5 or 10%) without killing them, then wait for an appropriate phase to kill all 3 in quick succession. Understanding how Hopewrecker’s spells work is the key to victory. When executed properly, no one tank takes a lot of damage, so your offtanks don’t need to be super well geared.

“Change Formation: Wedge!”

Occurs every 3rd phase. Each of the 3 bosses teleport to a specific location (i.e Lightquencher ALWAYS ports to the same spot every wedge phase). If any 2 of the bosses get near each other, they gain some kind of bonus. Your 3 tanks must recognize a wedge phase has started, run to their designated boss, and keep them seperated in a triangular fassion. DPS should focus the boss with the highest hp. Banebringer will cast a physical aoe which will kill and stun low hp players who are close to him. The other bosses do stuff that isn’t important.

*** This formation is one in which you can kill the bosses when all 3 are low, since you have control of their positioning. ***

“Change Formation: Lightning!”

Lightquencher will fight your party, while hope and bane port around the circular platforms. Bring light into the middle of the ring. Bane and hope will charge targets determined by where they are standing, so if a dps is out of position, they might die. One or both of the offtanks should position themselves inside the ring of platforms, but closer to the “exit” of the room, while the rest of the group is stacked in the middle — this will cause hope and bane to charge that tank. If a player moves away from the middle of the room, they might get charged and die. DPS should focus lightquencher, unless he is low hp, in which case they don’t really need to do anything but stay grouped and use ranged spells. Lightquencer cast an aoe dot spell. It’s not heavy dmg spell but can be easely silenced/interrupted to avoid sHP stress on tank and dps.

“Change Formation: Traction!”

Hopewrecker will fight your party (and this is who your dps attack), while bane and light port around the platforms. Bring hope into the middle of the ring. Bane and light will absorb damage, while casting a spell on hope, giving hopewrecker a stacking buff. When Hope’s buff reachers 10 stacks, he will use a spell called Purple Flame Blaze that does ~70% max hp to all players. This spell is interruptable but the cast bar is hidden for some reason. A macro that detects spell casting can be used to help time interrupts. Hope also casts a second raid wide aoe / dot spell. If you fail to interrupt Purple Flame Blaze when hope reaches 10 stacks, and then take damage from the second ability, people will die. A champion/mage has short enough cooldown disables to deal with all the required interrupts on this phase.

–note: by dealing sufficient damage to bane and light, you can slow down the rate at which hope gains stacks, causing fewer Purple Flame Blazes but I find interrupting hope or having beastly healers to heal through all the damage is easier.

–Due to the shields light and bane have, you CANNOT kill all 3 bosses on this phase. If hope is at 5%, the dps don’t need to do anyhting but interrupt.

The big question is when use silence/interrupt? It should be in the moment the icon with the buff at 10 disappear. Even if i noticed it is not alwyas the right moment. Sometimes the best moment is when the buff count reach 8. I think depends by how the buff is fast in building.

“Change Formation: Hammer!”

Banebringer will fight your party, while hope and light teleport to ONE SPOT and stay in those spots for the entire formation. Bring bane into the middle of the ring. Lightquencher will cast “Black Lightning Forcefield” repeatedly without any downtime, while Hopewrecker casts “Purple Gout of Flame” repeatedly with no downtime. Both of these spells deal area damage to your raid — forcefield is a lightning field in the middle of your raid, while Purple Gout of Flame creates a line of lightning spheres directed at one player.

The line of lightning spheres is the most difficult to deal with, so your interrupts should be focused on Hopewrecker. The cast time is 3seconds long. If you silence at 1second, hope will immediately begin casting again, so save your interrupts for 2+ seconds into the cast ar. A c/m can interrupt hope by itself for the entire phase, otherwise you may want multiple players interrupting hope here.

*** Since you can control where the bosses are, you can kill them on this phase. ***

The 4 phases keep repeating in random order, with every 3rd phase being a Wedge. You have approixmately 10 minutes to win the enounter, or Lightquencher will become Enraged, ccausing all damage dealt to lightquencher to be converted into healing aka you can’t kill it.

In summary: Interrupt hopewreckers spells, keep bosses seperated on Wedge phase, hit whoever is in the middle of the room, Kill bosses only on wedge or hammer, dps/healers stays grouped in mid on non-wedge phase, keep bosses roughly same health.


B2: Nex of Tasuq

This boss has a frontal aoe. The tank should remember to turn the boss away from your raid when possible. Tank the boss roughly in the middle of the room, on top of the glowy pentagram.

Every 25% hp lost, the boss will go immune and begin casting a 10-second long spell (if you do more than 25% hp before the cast as a result of a huge crit from a dps, the boss will recover some hp so you cannot skip these phases). The castbar is “Deathly Mistrust: color A or color B”, which also has an on-screen message “And? What color is that now? Color A or color b”. The6 small platforms around the main circle, will each have a color aroundthem. The entire raid needs to run to the platform corresponding to Color A from the message/cast bar. If any one player does not make it before the completion of the cast bar, the entire raid takes 99.9% max hp dmg (phyiscal, blocked by candy). Once you make it to the platform, you have the opportunity to play instruments.

During the fight, approximately every 15s, the boss will say one of 3 messages, corresponding to a 10s long debuff:

“PLayerName,let’s see who you abhor”. PlayerName will receive a green colored debuff, which functions like a time bomb. This player needs to move awayfrom the raid before the debuff expires or they will kill allies (playername takes no damage). Note that if the boss enters color phase while someone has this debuff, they can’t run to the platform (or they kill allies) until the debuff expires. This situation should be avoided at all costs by the dps ceasing their attacks when the boss is around a multple of 25%, waiting out the time bomb duration, then dealing the last 1-3% dmg to trigger the deathly mistrust spell.

“PlayerName,watch your step”. PlayerName will receive a pink debuff, which causes high damage to nearby players when they move. Note that this debuff and the “25% hp lost, run to a platform” mechanic are a deadly combination, so when this message appears all dps should check boss health, and stop attacking if boss is near a multiple of 25%, until the debuff expires.

“PlayerName, if you’re such a great hero, let’s see what you’ve got” PlayerName willbe affected by debuff TargetChange. 5 seconds after this message appears, the boss will receive a buff, which redirects some of the damage the boss takes, to PlayerName. The damage can be blocked with candy, but it is better to simply “stop attacking” until after the boss buff expires. If dps continue to attack while the boss has the buff, theaffected player will die and it will show who killed you in the combat log.

IMPORTANT: When Nex of Tasuq reachers 0 health, he will respawn with 50% hp, and perform an aoe spell and an aggro reset. Dps should back away from the boss during the time he lays on the ground, to avoid the damage and ensure the tank gets aggro.

–note: having a few players call out the boss messages (and when to stop attacking) over voice chat is recommended, so people understand who is affected by what. Since players can kill each other from the mechanics on this boss, co-ordination is needed on your first attempts.

Boss 3: Kreyen

–high hp is not needed for this boss.
The easiest boss in the instance. You can burn him for a good 30s initially, and when he calls out a player name, that person will have an ice field on top of them which deals damage. You can either heal through the damage or just move out of the ice field. He will cast a spell with Thunder in its name, we normally serenstum this but it is not necessary. He will also do a knockdown but that’s not really important.

I’m sure there was supposed to be more to this boss, but its mostly just a tank and spank, with the occassional move out of blue/white crap. We’ve taken as long as 3min to kill this boss, without worrying about anything except the first thunder cast and the ice stuff.

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