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You play to much Runes of Magic, if…

Arenja wrote this several years ago but its so nice that I wanted to post it here again. Due to some changes in the game not everything is understandable easily at first sight. Anyway, you know that you play too much ROM if..

  • you go in a mobile phone shop and and cheer the members of staff to brood golden akkus.
  • you eat a meatsauce burrito and want to burn down your favourite pizzahut with a staff.
  • you kick people from a bridge and shout to them, that they get no exp debt.
  • you go in an animal shelter and ask for a trap to catch a cavies.
  • you try to rotate pictures in MS Paint with rightclick.
  • you get ill and ask for a druid.
  • you shout in a church “Look, its an instance, touch this altar”.
  • your pet starves.
  • you are in a brawl and say “I am the Tank, you make DPS!”
  • you rent a horse and are surprised, that it doesnt expire.
  • you go in a cemetary and touch all gravestones to get exp back.
  • you kill your colleagues to earn honorpoints.
  • you ask in a clothes shop for attributes on your jeans.
  • you try to sell your pokercards for a million on ebay.

Unni said some time later …but you did not mention though that it’s also a very bad sign of overdoing things when

– you get a drink in the bar and wonder how many HP it will restore
– you drink some lemonade in the hope that your car will run 10% faster.
– you have a beer in in the hope that it will clear your thoughts
– you hear a thunderstorm outside and wonder if you are in PVP mode
– you smash all butterflies in your garden and wonder where to turn them in and what experience u get from that
– you offer 2 pieces of gold for the neighbors son’s bow and arrow game
– you tell your wife not to buy some overpriced diamonds because you can get them cheaper from gameforge
– you sit flatassed on your oriental carpet and wonder why its not moving at all
– you start to call your boss at work ‘Art’

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